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Can you repeat words in Bananagrams?

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Bananagrams is played simultaneously, there is no taking turns. That implies that each player works on their word grid, and players are free to rearrange words the way they want as long as all words are valid.

Players aim to use all their tiles ahead of the opponent by creating words either horizontally or vertically and not diagonal. Words played must be found in a dictionary as a general guide for acceptable words.    

Can you repeat words in Bananagrams? Yes, no rule prohibits a player from forming the same word multiple times. In general, short words in Bananagrams have a high chance of being repeated more than once. 

Depending on the player’s tiles, repeating a word may be the only option. However, someone can only repeat a word if it adheres to the legitimate word guidelines in Bananagrams. 

The following are conditions necessary for a word in Bananagrams to be repeated:

  • The word must be a legit Bananagrams word. Meaning it cannot be an abbreviation, two-lettered word, pronoun, proper noun, abusive, derogatory, slang word not found in the dictionary, foreign word not adopted in the dictionary, and words that can cause ethical and racial dispute.
  • The repeated word must be attached to an existing word on the player’s grid. (The word must be placed either vertically or horizontally and not diagonally).
  • The player’s tiles must allow the spelling of a word more than once.

Generally, a player can form a word as many times as they want in Bananagrams, provided they are legit according to the rules. Answered below are frequently asked questions about repeating words in Bananagrams a forming a word grid filled with legal words.

What are unacceptable words in Bananagrams?

According to official Bananagrams rules, the following category of words are unacceptable when played on a player’s word grid.

  • Two-letter words like za, oz iv 
  • Proper nouns are always capitalized whenever they appear in a sentence. For example, names of people, places, weekdays, companies, countries, cities, brands, etc.
  • Words that are considered abusive. 
  • Abbreviations like TV, IQ, etc 
  • Words that are considered ethical or racial in nature.
  • Slang words that are not found in the dictionary used during the game.
  • Foreign words not adopted in the dictionary.
  • Misspelled words, or words spelled backwards or diagonally are not acceptable. 
  • A word that is not found in the approved wordlist.

What words can you use in Bananagrams?  

The following words are acceptable in Bananagrams game according to official rules.

  • Words that have three letters or more.
  • Words that are considered part of speech in the official English language, apart from abbreviations, proper nouns, pronouns, foreign or informal words not adopted yet in the English language, hyphenated, abusive words, and words that cause racial or ethical conflicts.
  • Words that are correctly spelled. The word must follow the horizontal left-right order or vertical downwards direction. 
  • Slang or foreign words that are found in the dictionary.
  • Proper nouns that have a different meaning that can appear in lowercase when used in a sentence. For example, may, turkey, march, china, bill, frank, etc., to mention a few.

Can you have the same word twice in Bananagrams? 

Yes, a player can form the same word twice as long as the word is valid. There exists no rule in Bananagrams that hinders a player from using a word more than once during the play. 

Mostly if a player makes parallel plays on their word grid, the likelihood of repeating a word is very high. Three-letter words are likely to be repeated more than once compared to other more lengthy words. 

For a word to be played more than once, it must be a legal word according to Bananagrams guidelines and the player must have the tiles necessary to repeat a word.

Can you repeat words in Bananagrams

Repeating Words in Bananagrams: Conclusion 

Players in Bananagrams are not limited to creating only one word on their respective word grid, but as long as their tiles allow, they can form the same word as many times as they want. However, the word must be legit, and part of the accepted wordlist.

Players in Bananagrams play simultaneously and independently on their respective word grids. There are no turns in Bananagrams, and players only get an opportunity to validate words if a player calls outs “Bananas.” 

Knowing legal words in Bananagrams is crucial, because if found guilty, the player will lose the game from “Rotten Bananas.” The good thing about Bananagrams is that any dictionary available can be used as a guide for word validation.  

In Bananagrams, the aim is to compete to form words as fast as possible, so an opportunity to form duplicate words will give a player an upper edge over their opponents.

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