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Klondike Solitaire turn 1

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Klondike solitaire is one of the most popular solitaire card game platforms played across the world. Klondike solitaire has multiple versions namely one or three card versions.

Klondike turn 1 is a solitaire game in which a player deals one card at a time. The draw pile allows the player to make an unlimited number of moves as long as the number of passes are not limited. 

So, what is Klondike solitaire turn 1? Like other solitaire game, it is a single player card game using a regular deck of 52 playing cards. The game’s objective is rearranging the cards in the four foundation piles to form ascending order from the Ace to King. 

The stock allows the deal of only one card into the waste pile and only the top card from the waste pile is made visible. A player can only access any card underneath if a player plays the free card on top of it. 

There are three ways to deal cards in Klondike solitaire turn one from the stockpile to waste pile:

  • Turn a card one at a time into the waste pile without a limit number of passes a player makes through the deck.
  • Turn one card at a time into the waste pile using only one pass through the deck, and a player can play the card if it’s playable.
  • Turn one card into the waste pile and then make three passes through the deck.

Like any solitaire game, when a player cannot make a single move in Klondike solitaire turn 1, then the player losses the game since at that point winning the game is impossible.

Do you flip the first card in Klondike solitaire?

Yes, whenever a player can’t make any move using the face-up cards, then the player is allowed to utilize the draw pile by flipping over the first card. A player can play the card either in Tableau or the foundation pile. 

If a player cannot play the card from the Tableau or the foundation pile, move the card into the waste pile, and turn over 1 card from the draw pile. Flipping the top card is one way to deal cards from the draw pile.

When dealing with the cards, a player can flip the first card on the top of the draw pile to turn it face-up on the table. In Klondike turn 1 solitaire, you only flip one card at a time.

Other versions allow you to flip three cards from the draw pile if the player is playing Klondike solitaire game

How do you flip cards in Klondike solitaire?

There are two ways in which a player can flip cards in the Klondike solitaire game, either by flipping one or three cards at a time. Flipping the top three cards from the stockpile is the version most commonly played. 

A player may flip the top card of the draw pile to roll it over in face-up on the Tableau before dealing with the other six cards at the start of the game, which creates seven columns on the Tableau pile. 

Again, flipping can occur when the player can’t make a move with any of the face-up cards on the Tableau columns. At that point, a player can utilize the draw pile by flipping the top card one at a time if the game is Klondike turn 1 version.

How to play Klondike solitaire turn 1

A player starts the game by setting up the Tableau with seven columns, and the remainder of the cards go to the draw pile. Move one card at a time from the draw pile to the waste pile to find all the Aces to form the foundation piles. 

Rearrange the cards in each foundation pile in ascending order from the Ace to King. Once a face-up has been moved from the Tableau pile to the foundation pile, flip over a new top card from the draw pile.

The player wins the game once they have managed to form all four foundation piles with an ascending order of cards from Ace to King.

Can every Klondike solitaire game be won?

No, you cannot win every Klondike solitaire game. A player can estimate the winning percentage of the Klondike game for three draws, one unsolvable and 52 wins in 56 games. The solvable percentage of the Klondike game ranges from 82% to 91.5%, which implies a small percentage of the solitaire games are unsolvable. 

The percentage of Klondike solitaire games that are unplayable are 0.25%, and the percentage of Klondike games that are unwinnable ranges between 8.5 to 18%.

Theoretically, a player cannot win all games in Klondike solitaire based on how Klondike solitaire is played. When a player draws three cards from the stockpile at the time, which is based on an unlimited number of re-deals, a player can win about 80%. 

However, not all the games around this percentage are winnable, since sometimes players make the wrong moves that make the game unwinnable.

For the Klondike game, there are many variations, and more so, many possible orders from the standard deck of 52 cards collection, which make it hard to always win the game. 

Again, the winning percentage depends on the player’s knowledge about the deck and gameplay. The main source of error is when a player makes a wrong move, which is unknown early in the game, especially when more than one move is made at a time. 

However, it is important to note that skilled players can have a high winning percentage.

Klondike solitaire turn 1

Turn 1 Solitaire: Conclusion 

Klondike solitaire turn one is a version that allows players to deal one card at a time, and more so, the draw pile of the game allows the player to make an unlimited number of moves. 

Most Klondike solitaire games are theoretically winnable with a probability of 0.8, but this is practically not achievable since majority of people make a wrong move or mistake due to the countless number of moves performed during the game.

All the objectives, strategy and rules of Klondike solitaire turn 1 is similar to that of other solitaire games. The only difference in solitaire turn one is that only one card is dealt from the draw pile into the waste pile at a time.

In Klondike Solitaire, only the top card is visible, and a player can only access the card underneath it if the top card is playable. The next two card are burned before flipping over the next card.

Flip the top card from the stockpile if they can’t make any move with any of the face-up cards from the Tableau pile, then only flip one card from the stockpile. 

Not every game of Klondike solitaire is winnable. The winning percentage of Klondike is theoretically around 80%, but a player cannot win all the games at that percentage because wrong moves are inevitable and go unnoticed for too long until the mistake is irreparable.

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Torsh Johansen

Wednesday 16th of March 2022

For unlimited (re)deals -- and UNDOs -- you can end up seeing. Or at least a very Good estimate, as there will be games, given enough games, where you'll be stuck when it was solvable. Playing when drinking too much, too tired, too impatient (yawn), etc -- will affect it given countless games.

Doing unlimited redeals + undos, I know for a fact it's over 80% with redeals. I would estimate around 84.5%, as mine is about 83.7%. Ater 23,420 games.