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Is IQ a Scrabble word?

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Knowing a handful of legitimate two letter words to use in Scrabble is a very crucial winning strategy. Players can use this to question the legitimacy of others words, or when placing your own tiles to rack up points.

In the scrabble game, only words are worth points, but not abbreviations. Some words are acceptable in the English dictionary, but they are not accepted in scrabble games by the virtual fact they are abbreviations.

Is IQ a scrabble word? According to official scrabble rules, IQ is not a legit word in the scrabble game. Even though IQ is a valid word in the English dictionary, it’s not legitimated in the scrabble dictionary because it is an abbreviation. 

Sometimes when the game is played on a computer, depending on the software version of the game, the word can be accepted or not. 

However, if the letters IQ is reversed to QI, then the word is accepted in the scrabble game. 

In the scrabble game, players can challenge whenever another person places an illegitimate word that is not accepted in the scrabble dictionary. If found guilty, the word is removed from the board. 

Note, abbreviations are not allowed in scrabble games when official rules are used, but house rules may wary and anything is possible as long as all players are ok with it. 

Why is IQ not a word in scrabble?

Scrabble game official rules disregard acronyms that are usually spelled using capital letters like IQ. For this reason, the two-letter word IQ isn’t eligible because it is always in uppercase whenever it appears, despite being in the English dictionary.

Again, IQ is an abbreviation for intelligence quotient. Scrabble official rules only allow words and not abbreviations.

What does IQ mean?

IQ is an abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient, which means a tool to measure intellectual capabilities and potential. 

A high IQ is a good indicator of how well a person can reason and their problem-solving skills. It forms a total score from all consistent tests and subsets of human intelligence. 

The IQ results are derived from how a person performs a given task compared to people of the same age group the person belongs. The IQ quotient predicts things like academics’ achievements and expert caution. 

However, a high IQ does not guarantee life’s success. Sometimes people with high IQ do not thrive well in life, and at the same time, people with average IQ may find enormous success.

Words that contain IQ?

Even if IQ is not a word in the scrabble game, there is a list of words that contain IQ accepted in the scrabble dictionary. The longest word has 15 letters, and the shortest has two letters. 

The following is a list of top word a person can form with the letters “IQ” on a scrabble board:

  • Bezique – 27 points 
  • Cazique – 27 points 
  • Piquant – 18 points
  • Oblique – 18 points
  • Liquefy – 22 points
  • Cliquey – 21 points 
  • Cliqued – 19 points
  • Liquify – 22 points 

It’s quite easy to find a complete lis of “words that start with iq,” “end with iq,” or “contain iq in the middle of the word” when searching around online.

Is IQ a Scrabble word

Word IQ in Scrabble: Conclusion 

One of the essential things to learn in the scrabble game is knowing how to use words legitimately. Furthermore, a handful of two letter words like Qi can come in handy when gathering quick points.

Whenever a player uses a wrong word on the scrabble board it can be quite embarrassing. The opponents may assume a player is a cheater or lacks knowledge about the game.

As far as the two-letter words are concerned, one must be extra careful to follow the scrabble dictionary. Upper case two-letter words in Scrabble are prohibited because they stand for abbreviations that are not allowed in the game. 

Knowing a few legally accepted two letter words to play in the scrabble game will definitely allow you to grab quick points. Although “IQ” is not a word in Scrabble, the two letter word “Qi” does count and the letters can be played in reverse.

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