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How to win Solitaire 

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Someone interested in playing Solitaire may wonder whether the game is based on luck or strategy to achieve a win. Both luck and strategy can apply, some more than other depending on which version of Solitaire is being played. 

For example, the Klondike version is more of luck than strategy, unlike a hard version such as FreeCell. Note, not every game of solitaire can be won, however players can apply different strategies that improve their winning chances. 

With a good strategy, a player can better calculate their moves. Therefore, if someone loves to play this game online or offline, this article share gameplay tips to win solitaire with better odds.

So, how do you win solitaire? The following are three ways in which a player can win a solitaire game.

  • Win solitaire by forming four piles using ascending cards based on the suit. When cards are stacked into sequential piles, they tally up to the final score once a player concedes or when piling is finished once the cards run out. Put the cards on each of the four foundation piles depending on the suit and in order.
  • Win solitaire by looking at the first card found on the waste pile at the start of the game to gain more information. The extra information helps the player to navigate their opening sequence of turns. For example, if a player has a black 6 at the first pile and then a red seven in another column, potentially wait for a King to fill the black spot.
  • Win solitaire by putting Aces and 2s on the foundation piles before playing any other cards on the Tableau.

A good strategy will help a player to win a solitaire game with ease. Answered below are frequently asked questions to help you win in Solitaire and improve you odds by minimizing mistakes.

Is solitaire a game of luck or skill?

A solitaire game can be seen as a luck game since a player doesn’t know the cards underneath, therefore no plan exists for something you cannot see. In addition, the arrangements of these cards can favor a player and sometimes disadvantage a player.

Solitaire game can be considered as a game of chances based on this fact.

However, there exist certain strategies to play Solitaire that require skills to work around these rules. As a result, certain expertise is required to develop a winning strategy, so in the long run both skill and luck are two elemental keys to winning Solitaire.

Is there are a trick to winning solitaire?

Yes. If a player is playing timed solitaire, the trick is quickly stack cards into the sequential piles. Playing quickly helps to add score at the tally end once a player concedes or when the piling is finished and the player runs out of cards. 

Conversely, if the player is playing on a standard, the trick is to put every card from the deck into each of the four piles (Tableau, Talon, Stockpile, and foundation pile) on the top right, depending on the suit or the order.

However, remember that it’s impossible to win every time, regardless of following the tricks noted above. A possible combination of buried cards can prevent the player from making moves with the piles on top.

Another trick that is very useful in the solitaire game is focusing on the larger stacks in the beginning. Once the player exposes the columns with big stacks when they target the hidden cards, it helps the player to have a chance to reveal useful cards that assist in building piles, especially the piles made on revealed cards.

Another trick is to think about the color before filling a blank spot. Determine the King’s color carefully before placing on a spot, the King’s color determines the order of that particular pile.

Try not to empty a spot without have a King accessible. If a player empties a slot without a King, the entire column pile is blocked since no other card can fill the spot until a King becomes available.

Distribute the Tableau piles evenly. Many players don’t realize this trick because they try to complete single pile before the others, though it’s wise to form small separate piles to get a wide range of sets to choose from.

How do you beat solitaire in 30 seconds?

A player can beat Solitaire within 30 seconds if they minimize the number of moves possible. A player can achieve a 30 second victory in Solitaire in two ways: through 1-deal that requires only 76 moves, or 3-deal that needs 60 moves.

A player can only win Solitaire in 30 seconds if a player gets a lot of luck dealt their way combined with strategies for winning. 

One wrong move can result in the game being unwinnable, so technique must be combined with luck for a 30 second victory, or any Solitaire win for that matter.

Can you beat solitaire every time?

No, sometimes the game has necessary combinations of cards buried that prevent the player from making moves with the piles on top. For instance, if all the player cards on the face-up position on the board are black, and any card that comes up is black and no Aces available, the player is out of moves and loses the game.

The rate at which a player wins a solitaire game depends on the version of the game being played. In some versions, winning chances are higher such as Klondike, and in others such as FreeCell the winning percentage are a bit lower. The average beatable percentage of a solitaire game is 80%, which means there is a 20% chance of not winning the game.

A solitaire game is beatable if it has multiple paths to lead a player to victory. But if a solitaire game has only one path for a winning strategy, it’s much more likely to make mistakes, thus making it hard to beat.

How to win solitaire

Winning Solitaire: Conclusion 

The main objective is to win the game within the shortest moves possible. Solitaire is based on both luck and skill, which results in 80% winnable chances based on computer models. 

However, the chances of winning Solitaire is always lower depending on the version played, and the fact that player inevitably make a mistake the jeopardizes the winning percentage. Some versions rely more on chance than skills, but others are a bit challenging in such a way that it requires a winning strategy. 

All the same, a win is not always guaranteed in Solitaire. 

There exist different versions of solitaire, and some require more skills than others. Whether the version requires luck or skill, bottom line techniques can optimize the winning strategy.

Solitaire is not beatable all the time, however strategies improve a player’s winning chances. A good strategy in solitaire helps a player have a plan towards victory that assists the player with calculated moves.

Solitaire helps a player to improve memory, cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination. It may look easy at first glance, but sometimes it can be tricky, and it requires an expert strategy to be equipped with skills to improve the winning odds.

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