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Dirtiest Card Games in 2022

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Are you tired of playing the same card games over and over all the time? Playing card games are great ways to connect, have fun, and easy ways to make are friends. 

However, some situations need to be spiced up a bit. Adult card games can get really raunchy, inappropriate, and hilarious, and that why we love playing dirty card games with some of our closest friends.

What are the dirtiest card games? The dirtiest card games are Dirty Minds and Twisted Vulgarities, which are adult-only card games that feature naughty rules and clues within the gameplay. Some other card games such as Card against humanity can be extremely offensive, so they equally fit into this category. 

Dirty card games that involve drinking include:

  • These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  • That’s What She Said
  • What Do You Meme?
  • New Phone, Who Dis?

In a party, card games are must-have to entertain the family and friends. These games not only bring people closer together, but also create a fun environment without complex strategy or rules to follow.

Card playing has evolved from kids card games to funny and raunchy games that are only suitable for adults. There are several categories from wild to creative, naughty ones to dark games. 

Some card games meant for adults only have grown popular for tickling your fancy side. Whether you include drinking card games into the mix or not, these games are guaranteed to make for a wild time.

There several adult-only games, also referred to as the dirtiest card games that you can play in a group, at a party, or with your partner. Whether you are hosting college friends or coworkers, choose these games with expansion packs to never make a dull moment so that the party can continue all night long.

Whether it’s acting, drawing or swearing, suit your mood with these card games. In this article, we are going to find out the most popular dirty games and how they stand out compared to other cards games for adults.

What are the dirtiest card game?

A dirty card game is an adult game that is easy to play, fun, and somewhat raunchy so that you can play with friends or family that enjoy the vulgar gameplay.  These games are perfect for parties and ice breaker tool that let time fly quickly. Additionally, they are easy for anyone to learn and appropriate for any skill level. 

They are less of family-friendly card games like UNO or Go fish and more suitable for adults that enjoy sexual, raunchy, dirty and vulgar content. Some of the games can be naughty and dirty, but that is not the limit. 

Cards Against Humanity are somewhat offensive and adult-only, while Apples to Apples is another bestseller that applies to college students and parents. These games can be obscene, rude, and offensive, but if you can handle this maturity level then you will enjoy the games listed below. 

Let’s take a look at some of the dirtiest games to play:

Dirtiest card games

Raunchy Card Games: Final Thoughts

These dirty card gameare for adults only. They are fun, simple to play, naughty, raunchy, and hilarious. 

Remember they are just for fun and not meant to offend anyone. It can be great ice breaker game for parties that anyone can engage in.

The two top dirtiest card games are Dirty Minds and Twisted Vulgarities. 

Dirty Minds card game is about answering innocent answers with naughty clues to figure out. Twisted Vulgarities on the other hand is about dirty activity or phrases to make other players laugh. 

These games are not at all similar to family-friendly card games like Phase 10 or Monopoly Deal. Some of the other card games that are in dirty categories are Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples. 

Adult card games can also involve alcohol to take the gameplay to the next level. And some of the drinking dirty games are These Cards Will Get You Drunk, That’s What She Said, What Do you Meme?, and New Phone, Who Dis? card game to spice up your game night with friends. 

Have fun playing these adult friendly card games and remember to always drink responsibly!

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