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Best Card Games For Kids in 2022

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Searching for educational and fun card games for your child? Card games teach children to develop motor, cognitive, and emotional skills. 

Also, playing card games are beneficial for dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Not every family-friendly card games provide these advantages, however there are numerous card games that are specifically designed for kids.

What are the best card games for kids? Simple action of holding cards helps children develop number and shape recognition, grouping, and counting. Card games also teach important social skills including verbal communication, patience, interaction, and discipline.

The best card games to play for kids are: 

  • Smack It!
  • Not Parent Approved
  • Go Fish
  • Old Maid
  • Slap Jack
  • Monster Memory Match
  • Crazy 8’s 
  • Guess Who?
  • Kids Again Maturity
  • Skip-Bo Junior

These card games offer fun ways to introduce basic math skills, and require kids to concentrate and remember moves in order to play well. They are entertaining, but also create healthy competitive environment. 

If you are looking for different ways to spend quality time with your family, you don’t need to look outside anymore! 

Think out of the box by being in one, and have a great amount of fun by engaging your family in playing some cool kid-friendly card games.

In this article, we are going to review the easiest card games for kids that do not require much skill or experience. In addition, with these game tips you can help your children to take turns, follow rules, learn math, memory skills and face competition in a healthy way.

What are some easy card games for kids?

Family game night with Uno or Phase 10 are classic card game. 

However, there are lot more children based card games that actually help to develop strategic thinking. Keeping them busy and entertained to learn basic math skills and many more.

Let’s dive in to learn more about kid specific card games:

Best card games for kids

Kids Card Games: Conclusion

Card games are compact, portable, educational, and filled with laughter. 

They are great introductory games for young children to hold cards and use eye and hand coordination. Also, card games enhance social skills such as communicating, endurance, interaction, and discipline.

These kid friendly card games are educational, so every child can learn number and shape recognition, grouping, and counting. These basic math and language skills can introduce children in early childhood development. 

In addition, playing card games creates focus and engages memory to result in healthy competition.

There are so many fun card games specifically targeted towards children. These are great introductory games to classic card games such as Skip-Bo, Old Maid, or Slap Jack that can be played as whole family. 

Enjoy playing card games for kids to build relationship, learn new skills and have a fun time together with the little ones!

Sharing is caring!