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Can you get 5 in a row in Connect 4?

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Connect 4 comes in many variations that differ from the regular game board size. The regular Connect 4 uses a board of 7 columns by 6 rows, however size variations include 5×4, 6×5, 8×7, 9×7, 10×7, and 8×8.

One of the Connect 4 variations is called Five-in-a-Row, and uses 9 columns and 6 rows, giving rise to 54 playing spaces. The game uses the same rules as regular Connect 4, but it has two additional columns on its board and 12 of the spaces represent pieces already played.

Can you get 5 in a row in Connect 4? Yes, when players are playing the Five-in-a-Row game version, a player must connect 5 pieces in a row to be declared a winner. 

The gameplay follows the same rules as the standard Connect 4, but the board has two additional columns, and players have to connect 5 checkers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. 

However, the game still uses 42 spaces because the two additional columns are filled with players’ checkers in alternating patterns, which means the board already occupies 12 spaces. 

Note a player can only make a connection of 5 pieces in a row when playing the Five-in-a row version because the gameplay calls for it to win. 

All Connect 4 variations use the same rules as the standard version; what differs is the board’s size that ultimately affects the number of pieces in a row required to win.

Can you have more than 4 in a row in Connect 4?

Yes, but only when playing the Five-in-a-Row version of Connect 4. The board has an additional two columns attached to the grid, which calls for a player to get five pieces in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order to win. 

Playing the regular version of Connect 4, connecting 4 checkers in a row is at that is required to win the game. 

What happens if you connect 5 in Connect 4?

Because the board is 7 columns by 6 rows, it occasionally happens where the you connect 5 in a row while playing Connect 4. Nothing extra happens, just a bit more bragging rights for the emphatic victory.

The situation can arise in Connect 4 if a player already has a connect 4, but they don’t see it, or if the player’s checkers requires one checker to put all of them in a row. 

For example, two of the checkers can be in a row upward, and the two other checkers are in a row downwards, and there is a space to connect the 4 of them. In this scenario, the player will be forced into a row of 5 to make a connection, but it will still count as a win because it will have at least 4 in a row.

How do you beat Connect 4 in 5 moves?

  • Place one of the chips in the center column, and wait for the opponent to see whether they will counter in the same column as shown below.



  • Once they counter, place the next chip below theirs. If the opponent doesn’t see the trap, they will place their piece anywhere but not adjacent to the chip played in their second move.



  • Place the third chip next to the chip played in the second move to take advantage of the opponent’s mistake.



  • If the opponent doesn’t block the trap by placing their piece next to the one played in the third move, place the fourth chip next to the third chip to form a row of three.


  • Whatever the opponent does to block, the fifth chip will form a row of 4 and the game is over. The win is guaranteed on either of the sides since the opponent can only make one block at a time.



Of course this maneuver is extremely rare unless playing with a beginner. In fact, it is much more common to tie in Connect 4 rather than achieve victory, especially with 5 in a row.

Can you get 5 in a row in Connect 4

Row of 5 in Connect 4: Conclusion 

Connect 4 is a game of variations mostly created from the board size. In general, Connect 4 variations follow the same rules as the original version, but the only difference being the size of the board and the number of checkers required to win.

Sometimes, a player can get a connection of 5 in a row in the original version, but connecting 4 is all that is required to win. Regardless, the essential point in Connect 4 game is to form a row of 4, and exceeding the number doesn’t affect the win according to the official rulebook. 

The version of the game that calls for connect 5 to win is Five-in-a-Row. When playing the regular version, there is no need to connect 5.

The only justification for a win in Connect 4 is a row of 4 checkers arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Other configurations like a square does not count, regardless of the game variations players are using.

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