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Can you end on Wild card in UNO?

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Do you have a Wild Card in hand and wonder if you can end the UNO game with it? In card game UNO, a player is allowed to end the game with any action card including both Wild or Draw 4 Wild cards. 

Can you end on a wild card in UNO? Yes, you can end the game with a Wild card. 

If a Wild Draw 4 is played as the last card, the next player draws four cards from the draw pile and the game ends. As a result, the cards collected after the Draw 4 Wild are added to the final tally points to score the game. 

In regular UNO game, gameplay can end with any action card including Draw Two, Skip and Reverse. Only one card can be played per turn and there are many Power card options to end in victory. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the rules for how to play a Wild card as the last card in your hand. Answered below are frequently asked questions about using a Wild card to end a game of UNO, so let’s get started.

How do wild cards work in UNO?

In UNO, Wild cards are universal cards that represent all the primary colors in the game. The card is delegates any color regardless of the card color or number that was previously on top of the discard pile. 

Once played, the player has to state which color will continue the play. There of are different types: Wild Draw 4, Wild Swap Hands, Wild Shuffle Hands card, and customizable Wild Cards.

Wild Draw 4

When this type of card is played, the next player has to draw 4 cards from the Draw Pile unless stacking is allowed. Once the next player draws the four cards as the penalty, they have to forfeit their turn to discard. 

If the Draw 4 Wild card is played illegally and another player challenges the hand, the player who played the card risks a penalty of drawing an additional 4 cards. 

When stacked, the next player has to draw 8 cards from the Draw Pile. Ouch!

Wild Swap Hands Cards

The Wild Swap Hand cards allow the player to end the game by swapping cards in their hands with another players cards of their choice. Being a wild card gives the player power to choose whether or not to play it in their turn,  and more so, to choose which color to play. 

Since it’s one of the most powerful Wild card, players use it to swap cards with the players who have the least number of cards to have an upper hand in the round.

Wild Shuffle Hands Card

Once Wild Shuffle Hand card is played, the card reset the game instantly. The player who plays this card has the power to collect the cards from other players’ hands, and deal new cards. 

The player has to reshuffle the cards and deal them evenly back to the players starting on the left side of the player who played the card. The issuing of the card must be done in the clockwise direction resulting in an even number as was previously in their hand.

Wild Customizable Cards

The powers of these Custom Wild Cards are discussed before the game starts amongst the players as part of a “house rules” situation. Every player has to agree to the rules that will govern the powers of the Wild Customizable cards.

What if your last card is a Wild card in UNO?

When a player plays a Wild card or Wild Draw 4 as the last card, there will be no more cards left in their hand. As a result, the game ends, the player wins, and the points must be tallied using the Uno scoring guide for points. 

When the last card is a Wild Draw 4, the next player must draw 4 cards from the Draw Pile and the extra cards are added to the final score. 

Can you go out on a Wild card in UNO?

Yes, you can go out on a Wild card. The player can play a Wild card when it is the only card remains in their hand. 

For Wild Draw 4 cards as the last card of the game, the next player will still have to pick 4 cards from the Draw Pile and add them to their hand for scoring purposes.

UNO Rules Wild Card

When Wild cards are involved in UNO gameplay, there are multiple rules to be aware of. It can end the game or increase cards in the opponents hand which leads to opportunities for you to win the game.

To help you understand the game flow more fairly and easily, here are useful UNO rules for Wild cards: 

  • Place the Wild card on top of any card since it has all the colors of the UNO game.
  • When a Wild card is played, the player gets to determine the color for the Discard Pile.
  • When it turns up at the start of the play, the first player gets the power to decide which color the game begins. 
  • Wild cards can end an UNO game. 
  • Ending on a Wild Draw 4 still results in the next player picking up 4 cards from the Draw Pile and adding the points to their final score.
  • A Wild card can be played even if there is another card available. However, be prepared to be challenged. If you are caught playing a Wild Card illegally, then you may be forced to draw six cards from the Draw Pile.
end on a wild card in UNO

Ending on Wild Card in UNO: Conclusion 

In UNO card game, one way to end the game is by using a Wild card. There are 4 different type of Wild cards including Wild Draw 4, Wild Swap Hands, Wild Shuffle Hands, and Wild Customizable cards. 

Each of these cards are powerful action cards that can turn the Discard Pile into any of the primary colors. There are many rules involved with using Wild cards. The most general being that when the Wild card is played, the player gets to select which color the next player has to play.

When it comes to the Wild card as the last card on hand, the game automatically ends and all players need to calculate the score of all the remaining cards in hand to determine the score.

Ending the UNO round on a Draw 4 Wild forces the next player to draw 4 cards that are counted in the final points total.

Learning in depth Wild card rules will help you to play the UNO card game fairly and enjoyably. Use these pro card game tips and refer the rule sheet as you play along so that you understand how to end the UNO game on a Wild Card.

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