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Can you claim multiple routes in Tickets to Ride?

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In the Tickets to Ride board game, the goal is to connect two cities indicated in a destination using the route depending on how they are displayed on the map. 

A player earns a point when they complete a continuous course connecting two cities indicated on the destination card. For the players to claim the routes, they are required to play sets of cards that should equate to the total number of spaces in that particular route. 

In addition, the set of cards played must be of the same specific type.

Can you claim multiple routes in Ticket to Ride? No, you cannot claim multiple routes in a single turn in Ticket to Ride. 

A player is only allowed to claim a maximum of one route per turn. Therefore, a player cannot claim multiple routes to the same city as listed on the destination card. 

When the game involves two or three players, the players are only allowed to use one of the two routes. The other player is blocked from the other route once they have been claimed.

Anytime a route is claimed in the Ticket to Ride game, a player has to place one of the plastic train cards on any available space of the route claimed. All the cards that the player used to claim the routes must be discarded immediately. 

A player can claim any open route available on the board without necessarily connecting to any of the previous routes that a player played before. When players claim the routes on their destination card, they always receive points for the claim, which moves their scoring marker higher. 

In this article, we are going to tackle the possible routes that will connect your destination easily and quickly. Answered below are frequently asked question with some secret ways to claim multiple routes in Ticket to Ride, all aboard!

Can you claim more than one route in Ticket to ride

No, you cannot claim more than one route in Ticket to Ride. In fact, a player can only claim one route available on the board as indicated on the destination card they choose to keep. 

However, if the two cities on the destination cards have double routes, which means they have two routes that connect the two cities, the player is only allowed to use one route and not claim both routes that would connect the same cities. 

As the player claims one of the two routes, the other route is closed for the other opponent players after the route has been claimed. The player will earn points once the two cities are connected with the claimed route. 

Even though a player can only claim one route in a single turn, that doesn’t mean a player cannot claim any open route available on the board that don’t require a player to connect to the previous route they played earlier.

It seems impossible for a player to make multiple claims of routes on the Ticket to Ride game because a route claim is made on the board through playing a set. 

Thus, once a player claims a route, they cannot be in a position to play another set in the same turn. Therefore, players may decide to use their turn to draw more destination tickets cards instead of claiming routes to have multiple route choices.

How many routes do you start with in Ticket to Ride?

In general, the player starts with one available route anywhere on the board provided that it has not be claimed yet during their turn. The route is picked by a player at the start of the turn to assist the player in completing their respective destination tickets cards. 

However, some cities have two parallel routes which involves more than one route. If there are two or three players in the game, then a player has two routes to claim at the start of a turn, but the other route is closed for opponent players to claim. 

On the other hand, if the game has more than three players, a player is not allowed to claim both routes in a turn. Instead, players may decide to start with zero routes and use their turn instead to draw more destination ticket card.

The routes vary in length, which requires different numbers of matching cards of a particular color. Every discrete route available on the board can only be claimed by one player, which they have to wait until the start of their turn to make a play. 

A player has to claim only one route regardless of whether the route they claim will help them complete their respective destination tickets cards. If a route that a player claims cannot reach the destination, the points earned by that specific route are subtracted at the end of the game.

How to claim multiple routes in Ticket to Ride

The rules state that each player can only claim one route in Ticket to Ride, but this does not mean that it is impossible to claim multiple routes.

There is a hidden trick to claim multiple routes in a turn if the Ticket to Ride game is played by two or three players, and the two cities are connected by two parallel routes on the destination ticket card. 

Once one of the routes are claimed, the other route is closed to other opponent players. In other instances, a player can make multiple routes in multiple turns, but not in a single turn. 

To claim a route first, a player will have to a play set of cards of particular matching color, which must be equal to the number of available spaces in that particular route that has been claimed. 

In each turn, the player is required to perform the following actions:

  • Draw a train car card.
  • Claim a route.
  • Draw a destination tickets card.

Once a player has claimed the route, the player has to place one of the train cars cards on every space available. The cards used to claim the route are then discarded immediately. 

In every turn, the player repeats the same actions, and in multiple turns the player will have multiple routes of different lengths. The lengthier the route, the more points you will earn to increase the score.

Can you claim multiple routes in Ticket to Ride

Claimin Multiple Routes in Ticket to Ride: Conclusion

Finishing up routes to connect two cities determines the winner in Ticket to Ride. Each player strategizes and plans to claim routes with the highest points earned through the process.

However, the player can only claim one route in a turn unless the two cities are connected with double-parallel routes and the game is played with two or three players. 

When claiming a route, the player must discard all cards used. Once a route is claimed, then the other double-route is closed to the opponents. 

Every Ticket to Ride game starts with only one route anywhere on the board. The player does not need to select the route, instead they can pick once they draw the destination ticket cards. 

The routes vary in length and color. The longer the route is, the higher the points you will get. 

In order to claim multiple routes, draw a train car card, claim a route, and draw a destination car. In some cases, you may need to trade train cards to achieve your goal by trading cards that fit on your turn. 

Use these gameplay tips to claim multiple routes the next time you play Ticket to Ride. Connect the longest routes by piecing together the corresponding trains with destinations to win the board game with the highest score. 

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