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Blank tile in Scrabble

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In the scrabble game, there are 100 letter tiles, 98 are alphabets from the English language, and the remaining two are blank tiles. All the 98 tiles are valued with points according to the letter they are attached, but the two special tiles have no points.

What are blank tiles in scrabble? These are special pieces that can substitute for any letter tile on the scrabble game. They are unmarked, and they are valued as zero points. 

Once the player lays down a Blank tile on the scrabble board, they have to assign a letter for which the blank tile will resemble until the game ends.

Since the blank tile is a wild card, it allows the player to choose any letter of their choice to fill its place. For instance, a player can substitute the letter “S,” to increase the length of a word and potentially land on a premium points space.

Even though the tile is worth zero points, the Blank tile is the most valuable in the scrabble game because of its flexibility to build words. In a scrabble game, the tile act as a wild card since it can substitute any letter of the player’s choice. 

Official tournaments recommend that a player not use the tile to form a word that is less than 40 points.

Any time a player plays the Blank tile, they must announce to other players the letter it represents on the game board, and once the letter is assigned, the blank tile remains attached until the game ends. 

Yes, the blank tile is technically worth zero points, but it’s more valuable than other tiles. Understand how to use the blank tile and the best scenarios to activate it during your turn.

What is Blank tile in scrabble?

A blank tile is an unmarked tile in the scrabble game, which is used to substitute for any of the 26 letters in the English language. It’s worth zero points, but it’s considered the most valuable tile because it can be used to form complex words. 

Once laid on the game board, the player must announce which letter it represents, and the blank tile stays assigned to that letter until the game ends. 

There are two blank tiles in the game, so if you don’t have them then someone else probably does.

How many points is a Blank tile in Scrabble?

The blank tile is worth zero points in a scrabble game regardless of the letter value it represents. 

Despite worth zero, whenever the tile is used in a word, it is treated as the letter it represents. For instance, when placed on a double word score, the player will earn a double score from the word form, the same way a player used a non-blank tile of the letter it represents. 

The Blank tile is mostly used to form a seven letter word to earn the scores from all tiles with a 50 point additional bonus.

How to use a blank tile

Once the player places a blank pile on the board, they must state which letter the blank tile will represent. The letter assigned to the blank tile remains throughout the game. 

The blank tile will be worth zero points, but the tile is used to assemble complex words that may be worth a high value. For instance, if the blank tile is placed on a triple word score square, the value of the word formed will be tripled. 

The following are circumstances when a player can use a blank tile on a scrabble game.

  • Use the blank tile to form a seven lettered word in a single move to earn and extra 50 points.
  • Use the blank tile to represent the letter “S,” which earn more points if it lands on a premium value square.
  • Use the blank tile to replace low-valued letter tiles during a crucial moment of building multiple words.

Scrabble blank tiles rules

  • Blank tile is unmarked to stand in for any letter tile in the scrabble game.
  • Blank tile is worth zero points regardless of the value of the letter it represents. However, in bonus moves like double and triple scores, it behaves like any other tile it represents.
  • Once the blank tile is assigned to a letter, it remains so until the game ends.
  • When played, the player who laid it must say the letter it represents on the scrabble board.
  • There are two blank tiles out of the 100 letter tiles in the game.
  • The Blank tile beats other letters in scrabble when determining who starts the game. When drawing to determine who starts the game, the player who picked it must start the game, but if two players draw the Blank tile, the draw is a tie and both players must repeat the draw.
  • A player cannot substitute the chosen letter the Blank tile represents with another letter or space to their advantage. Once it is placed, it remains until the end of the game.
Blank tile in Scrabble

Scrabble Blank Tiles: Conclusion 

The Blank tile acts as a wild card that a player can use to represent any letter of the English language. 

Despite being valued at zero-points, the blank tile is the most valuable in the scrabble board. For this reason, a player must use the tile strategically to give a player an upper hand to win more points with longer words that have a better chance of triggering a premium points space on the board.

Yes, Scrabble rules vary from one household to another, but when it comes to Blank tile rules, there are certain things that never change. Players are not allowed to replace the Blank tile with a letter tile in order to move it to another spot or change the letter that someone assigned earlier.

Use Blank tiles to your advantage because it can help you use all seven tiles on your rack to get the bonus 50 points for bingo. Create long words or simply make it a plural so that you can also get awarded the advantage from the markers on the Scrabble game board. 

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