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How many tiles are in Scramble?

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Scrabble is one of the most popular word games ever created. Players score points by forming words using the letter tiles on the board. 

All tiles are assigned a numerical value, and every time a player forms a word or modifies an existing word, a score is recorded. The game ends when all the tiles are withdrawn, and the player with the highest score wins the game. 

So, how many tiles are in scramble? There are 100 tiles worth a total value of 187 points. Although all the tiles are assigned values, some tiles are worth more than others. 

The objective of any player in a scramble game is to create as many high-scoring words as possible using highly valued tiles and premium board spaces. 

It’s recommended not to play using low-valued words when other possibilities still exist. 

The numerical distribution of each of the 100 tiles is:

  • A, E, I, U, L, N, S, T, and R value 1 point each
  • D, G value 2 points each
  • F, H, V, W, and Y value 4 points each
  • K value 5 points each 
  • J, and X value 8 points each
  • Q and Z value 10 points each

The wooden Scrabble tiles complete the 100 letter set. These tiles are durable and alternatively used in other crafts and media projects. 

Each of these Scrabble sets contain: 

  • A – 9 tiles 
  • B – 2 tiles
  • C – 2 tiles
  • D – 4 tiles
  • E – 12 tiles
  • F – 2 tiles 
  • G – 3 tiles 
  • H – 2 tiles 
  • I – 9 tiles 
  • J – 1 tiles 
  • K – 1 tiles 
  • L – 4 tiles 
  • M – 2 tiles 
  • N – 6 tiles 
  • O – 8 tiles 
  • P – 2 tiles 
  • Q – 1 tiles 
  • R – 6 tiles 
  • S – 4 tiles 
  • T – 6 tiles 
  • U – 4 tiles 
  • V – 2 tiles 
  • W – 2 tiles 
  • X – 1 tiles 
  • Y – 2 tiles 
  • Z – 1 tiles 
  • Blank – 2 tiles

In the scramble game, 98 of the 100 tiles are emblazoned with one alphabet of the 26 letters int he English language. The remaining two are blank tiles, and a player can use each of the two tiles to replace any of the 26 alphabet letters. 

E is the most frequent letter with 12 tiles and is most dominant in the English dictionary. On the other hand, letters J, K, Q, X, and Z have the least number of tiles, with each of the letters least used in the English dictionary. 

As a result, the letter distribution plays a fundamental role in the number of tiles attached to each of the alphabets and the points scored for usage to create words.

Can you have more than 7 tiles in Scrabble?

No, a player can only have 7 letters in their rack. Player replace used tile placed on the board with new tiles from the bag, unless there are not enough tiles left in the bag. 

Players complete their turn once they count and announce their score after creating a word or modifying an existing one. Note diagonal words are illegal in scrabble game, so they don’t count. 

The player can then draw as many letters from the bag as they used to refill their rack. That means they cannot draw more than they used to form the word and the player’s rack cannot exceed more than 7 tiles at any point during the game.

If, in any turn, a player manages to use all their 7 tiles in the rack, the player should earn 50 points on top of the word value they form on the board. If no more tiles are available in the stock bag, the game will end, and the player with the highest points wins the game.

How many Scrabble tiles are in hand?

There are seven tiles in each player’s rack, which a player has to use in their turn to create words or modify existing ones to earn a point. A player can decide to use their seven tiles to form a word or pass if the tiles they have can’t form a word. 

After a player forms a word, they should draw an equal number of tiles from the stock bag to refill their rack. A player should always maintain seven tiles in their rack unless there are not enough tiles left. 

The game ends when all the tiles are used up from the pool, and players can’t create anymore words on the board.

How many letters are in scrabble?

There exist 100 letters in the Scrabble game English version. 98 of those letters are derived from the 26 English alphabets, and the remaining two tiles are blank.

Blank tiles used to replace any letter in the scrabble game, and are known as a wild card. Each of the 26 alphabetical letters are assigned a numerical value, ranging from 1 to 10 points. 

The distribution of points and number of tiles each letter has are below.

  • 1-point valued letters: E with 12 tiles, A with 9 tiles, I with 9 tiles, O with 8 tiles, R with 6 tiles, T with 6 tiles, L with 4 tiles, S with 4 tiles, and U with 4 tiles.
  • 2-point valued letters: D and G with 4 and 3 tiles, respectively.
  • 3-point valued letters: B, C, and G, each having two tiles.
  • 4-point valued letters: F, H, V, W, and Y, each having two tiles.
  • 5-point valued letter: K is the only letter.
  • 8-point valued letters: J and X.
  • 10-points valued letters: Q and Z.
  • 0-points: Blank with two tiles.
How many tiles in Scrabble

Number of Tiles in Scrabble: Conclusion 

All the scrabble tiles tally to 187 points, with Q and Z being the highest valued tiles with 10 points, while E, A, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, and R being least valued with 1 point. Letter E has the most tiles since it is the most frequent letter used in the English dictionary. 

The more frequent the letter is in the English dictionary, the more the tiles assigned to that letter. Good players focus on forming high-scoring words unless there is no other possibilities. 

Player may only draw the number of tiles they used during their turn to form a word. 

Two of the 100 letters in the scrabble game are the blank tiles that act as a wild card used to substitute for any letter. The rarity of the letter increases the value it’s assigned in scrabble, but blank tiles have no value.

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