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Best Dice Games for Toddler in 2022

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There are some amazing dice games for toddlers which are enjoyed in a wholesome manner. Not only are they fun to play, but it creates a number of learning opportunities for the developing baby to build upon.

From montessori to grade school education, dice games have been popular and often played along with board games. They are loved and played by all ages, and toddlers especially can gain loads of benefits from playing with dice in fun activity based on educational purposes. 

What are the best dice games to play for toddlers? Playing dice games manipulates early childhood and is the most effective ways to teach mathematics. In addition, it teaches toddlers problem-solving and social connections while playing and having fun time at the same time.

The best dice games to play as toddler are: 

  • Rainbow Counting Bears Dice Game
  • Skoolzy Peg Board
  • Roll and Play
  • TopBright Flight and Goose Chess Game
  • Raccoon Rumpus Game
  • Kids Korner Counting Dinosaurs Matching Game
  • Tumbling Tower Stacking Game
  • Snail Pace Race Game

These dice games are specially designed for younger children from infancy into the preschool years. They will inspire number counting and better understanding of the foundations for addition and subtraction. 

Toddlers need to touch the objects as they count, and dice are a great tool that provides an opportunity to absorb in new information. It is especially relevant to make it fit with information they have already practiced. 

Dice games are math manipulative for preschoolers to pick up, move around, and touch as they count. 

In this article, we are going to review the 8 best dice games for toddlers and how each games can be played. Answered below are frequently asked questions about the gameplay including tips for parents to maximize the most benefit to better prepare children. 

Can toddlers play dice games?

Yes, toddlers can play dice games and there are several benefits associated with playing dice games. Most toddler friendly dice games could be played by one or more kids, and each game is a great introductory to learning new skills.

Benefits for toddlers to play dice games are:

  • Color recognition
  • Subtracting
  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Matching
  • Adding
  • Comparing
  • Social skills

Furthermore, dice games for toddlers provide advantage in learning how to take turns with valuable life skills such as following written instructions, grammar and word orders while throwing dice to calculate numbers. 

What dice games can a toddler play?

Dice games are perfect source to get toddlers entertained and educated in many areas. Compared to other tabletop games, dice games are fun, versatile, educational, affordable, and portable. 

There are several amazing dice games that toddlers can play. Let’s go over the best dice games for toddlers:

Dice games for toddlers

Toddlers Dice Games: Conclusion

Adding dice games to playtime for toddlers provides entertainment and also increases learning benefits in many ways including color and number recognition, counting, matching, adding, comparing, and social skills. 

Toddlers use touch to learn new information by practicing and exercising their cognitive thinking. That is why dice games are prime learning tool used in Montessori and preschool education to inspire a sense of numbers with a basic understanding of addition and subtraction. 

In addition, dice games help toddlers to learn how to take turns with other family members or young children to develop life and social skills by following instructions. As a result, they will get a glimpse of grammar and word orders as they play. 

Furthermore, these dice games are not only fun but also affordable and portable to carry around while traveling or store properly for next playtime. From Roll and Play to Counting Dinosaurs Matching Game, there are variety of themed dice games for toddlers to have fun with. 

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