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What should I buy to start Magic the Gathering?

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Are you interested in learning how to play Magic the Gathering and need help identifying what you need to start the game? As MTG beginner, all players can get a welcome booster from a local game stores.

This package includes ten cards of the same type that are a great starter deck for beginners, and some of the cards are pretty strong. Such cards include; underworld dreams, commander’s sphere, plain, the demon of loathing, faerie Guide mother, archetype of imagination, garruk’s gore horn, primal hunter, and Niv-Mizzet. 

What should I buy to start Magic the Gathering? In order to start playing MTG, you need is a deck-building kit. These starter decks include Aggressive Mono-Red, Mono-Green Master the stack, Mono-White Buff Galore, Mono-Black Interact with the shadows, Mono-Blue Control rules, and Multi green-black infect to win. 

In addition, the best decks to buy for MTG as beginner are: 

  • Welcome Decks
  • Planeswalker Intro Decks
  • Guild Kits
  • Brawl Deck
  • Bulks Cards

There are many parts and card varieties you need to get for playing Magic the Gathering. It can become overwhelming, but we rounded up recommendations of starter decks, packs, and starter kits for beginners to get familiar with the game. 

What should I buy to start Magic the Gathering?

Prior to considering MTG gameplay, the following items are perfect for beginner level to participate.

Welcome Decks

Welcome Deck is a free promotional packet that is given to new players. The decks are distributed by local game stores to allow new players to become familiar with gameplay before investing in more advanced and dynamic decks.

The deck should be pre-built with 35 mono colored cards. The cards have basic lands, commons, 4 uncommon, and 1 rare. A player can start the game immediately with them.

What is the best starter deck for Magic the Gathering?

If a player is an MTG beginner, the following are the best magic starter decks as per the most recent guidelines.

What Magic the Gathering card packs should I buy?

Currently, there are more than 20,000 unique Magic cards and each year hundreds of various new cards are added. It can be intimidating to obtain all kinds of cards in the beginning.

Here are our recommendation for best MTG card packs for a starter: 

What to buy to start Magic the Gathering

What is Needed to Start Playing MTG: Conclusion

As a MTG beginner, there are countless card options to choose from. When depending on the budget, it is impossible to collect all the different cards before learning the game. 

Therefore, buying MTG cards can be very difficult to select the correct items because of the interest variations of different players. 

Based on the skill and experience, some of the new MTG cards are not part of every player’s mindset.

To start the game on an introductory level, building a deck is priority by purchasing some of the best starter decks and packs to create your own collection. With the right arrangement of strategy and tactics, it is possible to properly set yourself up to win the battlefield. 

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