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What Card Games Are Like Uno?

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Are you looking for fun card games that are similar to UNO? From birthday parties to game night, UNO is hard to resist playing with family and friends.

However, if you are looking for a little change or feeling UNO’d out, then we have the perfect games for you. There are some great alternative card games like Uno that will let you change up the gameplay just a little bit. . 

What card games are like UNO? UNO card games challenge players to race to empty their hands and catch opposing players with cards left behind. It is a classic and fun card game that keeps things very up in the air, while providing a simple platform for competitiveness and strategy.

Best similar UNO card games are:

  • Crazy 8s
  • Skip Bo
  • Phase 10

If you love to play UNO, but are looking for something fresh to play, these are the best alternatives to replace UNO card games. The card game features simple gameplay, colorful artwork, graphic design, and level of strategy to challenge friends and family of all ages.

Playing Uno or Uno-like card games improves strategy, bonding, math skills, vision skills, and cognitive thinking while having fun and spending together time. These card games are easy to learn and simple to play for a quick game just like UNO. 

In addition, they consist of cards that are easy to transport anywhere with you from playing at home or even on camping trips and picnics. 

In this article, we are going to find out some of the popular card games that are just like UNO. Answered below are frequently asked questions about the best card games like Uno and tips to improve their gameplay to fulfill your game night expectations.

What is UNO?

UNO is a card game featuring addictive gameplay and simple to rules that are easy to pick up anytime and anywhere. Each of the players takes a turns matching cards in hand with the present card on the deck top either by number or color. 

There are special cards for actions which uniquely change the game to get defeated or defeat the opponent players.

Some of these special cards are:

  • Draw Twos
  • Skips
  • Wild cards
  • Draw Four Wild cards
  • Reverses

The UNO deck consists of red, blue, green, and yellow cards, a total of 25 cards of each color, a special rule card, 3 customizable cards, and 8 wild cards within the 112-card card deck. 

Go around and if there’s no match, draw a card from the draw pile, and if the draw pile is running out of cards, simply use discard pile and shuffle well to continue the game. 

When a player is down to one card, shout UNO before the next player’s turn to avoid from two players saying UNO at the same time. If not, you will have to draw 2 cards and continue. 

The first player to discard all cards in their hand is the winner.

What card game is similar to Uno?

Simple, easy to learn, requires some strategy, no wonder it’s hard to beat a card games like UNO. 

Whether you are playing UNO with children or adult, it provides hours of fun and entertainment. Also, develops fine motor skills and teach children basic math and learning to count. 

If you are looking for similar card games that offer the same advantages like UNO, there are many alternatives card games to choose from.

Are Crazy Eights and UNO the same?

Crazy Eights is a 52-card set that is perfect for players ages 4 years and above. The primary goal is to get rid of all of your cards that are in the hand to win the game. 

Both UNO and Crazy Eights are considered to be the same game. The major difference is that Uno uses a specialized deck with a few unique cards while Crazy Eights is played with a standard deck of regular playing cards.

Crazy Eights has no special or unique deck of cards, just a deck of 52 cards. 

In Crazy Eights, each of the players are given 5 cards face down. The balance is kept in the center of the table which is called the stock. 

The card at the top is turned over, placed in a different pile referred to as started card. Just like the UNO, cards must match the number or color of the earlier card. 

Number 8 cards are wild, and played at any time. The first one having no cards takes the value of the opponent playing cards.

Similarities between UNO and Crazy Eights:

  • Moves or Plays: Both card games have skip a turn, reverse direction, Wild Card or 8, and pick up cards.
  • Goal of the game: The objective of both UNO and Crazy Eights is to get rid of the cards in your hand quickly by placing them on the discard pile to become the ultimate winner of the round. 
  • Last card: On both games, the players are required to call “UNO” or “Crazy Eights” when the second to the last card is discarded. However, if player forgot to call out, any other player can call them out. As a result, the player needs to draw 2 cards from the pick-up pile.
  • Designed for 2 players or more: UNO and Crazy Eights are perfect to play with 2 players. But the maximum for UNO is up 10 players and a max of 7 players for Crazy Eights because the deck is much smaller.

Differences between UNO and Crazy Eights:

  • Start with different number of card: In UNO, players start with 7 cards in their hand, and in Crazy Eights players deal with 5 cards to start the game.
  • Uses different decks of cards: Crazy Eights has no specific deck of specialized cards, and instead uses a regular deck of playing cards. In contrast, UNO has its own deck of specialized cards.
  • Different age group: Both games are universal in terms of ages, but UNO is recommended for players of 7 years and older. Crazy Eights is designed for players 4 years and older because of the simplified instructions. 
  • Drawing cards: In UNO, a player must draw a card if there is no playable card. If a player is unable to play in Crazy Eights, they must draw cards until a card is playable or until there are no more cards to be drawn.

Crazy Eights card games are very similar to UNO in objective, cards, and rules. However, Crazy Eights requires a bit more thought as the card actions are not obvious and learning the game comes easily. 

However, the unique deck of UNO cards make things easy to play, with a bit more complexity from the specialized cards.

Is phase 10 the same as UNO?

Phase 10 has a fun twist similar to the UNO card game. The game can be played from 2 players to 6 players. The goal is to finish 10 of the phases of the round, one after another. 

At the end of the game, the type of cards and number of cards left are employed to add to the final score. The winner is the one with the lowest score.

These cards are made from 1 to 12 in blue, red, yellow, and green. There are two cards on a single number and 8 cards that are wild and can be substituted for a number or card color. 

There are 4 skip cards in the deck that players may use to make sure the next player misses a turn. For a player who is unable to finish a phase in one round, the phase is repeated in the subsequent rounds until the phase is complete allowing them to move on.

Similarities between Phase 10 and UNO:

  • Deck of card: Both Phase 10 and UNO requires a special deck or two regular decks of cards.
  • Recommended age: These two card games are easy to learn and quick to play which recommend age group of 7 years and older. 
  • Number of cards: These card games consist of 108 cards and instructions.
  • Genre: Both card games are in the strategy category.

Differences between Phase 10 and UNO:

  • Objective of the game: In Phase 10 the main goal is to construct and complete your Phases from 1 to 10 and discard all your cards in hand for each round is a secondary objective. However, UNO is always about getting rid of all cards in your hand to win the round.
  • Maximum Players: Phase 10 is designed for 6 players or less and UNO is best for 10 players and less. 
  • Moves or Plays: In UNO, there is skip a turn, reverse direction, and wild card or 8. But in Phase 10, there are only wild and skip cards.
  • Playing time: The game playtime of UNO last 30 minutes and Phase 10 card game lasts 45 minutes to an hour. 

Phase 10 card game is slightly similar to UNO. In UNO, players are always trying to get rid of all the cards in their hand to be the winner. 

However discarding cards is not your main goal in Phase 10. Instead, the objective is to complete Phase 1 to 10 in consecutive order to be the winner.

Is Skip-Bo like UNO?

Skip-Bo is a sequencing card game similar to UNO. Players use strategy and skills to create sequential stacks of cards. 

The goal of this game is to get rid of all the cards creating tough situations for opponents to discard their cards.

The deck has 144 cards that are numbered from 1 to 12, with 16 of the cards in Skip-Bo being wild cards. The wild cards can be substituted with any other card. 

Each of the players give an equal number of cards from 10 to 30, and each pile is referred to as a stockpile. Play in numerical order from the stockpile, but the card’s color within the game has no relevance.

Similarities between Skip-Bo and UNO:

  • Playing time: Both Skip-Bo and UNO card game duration of game play is 30 minutes long.
  • Recommended age: Skip-Bo and UNO games have easy instructions to learn and quick gameplay that is suitable for age 7 years and older.
  • Goal of the game: To win, both card games require players to use all the cards in the stockpile.
  • Strategy: On every turn, players must attempt to play a card by matching its color, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile. If unable to play the turn, player needs to draw a card from the draw pile.

Difference between Skip-Bo and UNO:

  • Mover or Play: Skip-Bo only has “wild” cards to break up the static situations and may be played as any number.
  • Maximum Players: Generally, UNO is recommended for maximum 10 players and Skip-Bo is 6 players or less. 
  • Number of Cards: UNO features 108 cards but Skip-Bo uses 163 cards. 
  • Dealing: Each player in Skip-BO starts with a stockpile of 30 cards and UNO start with 7 cards at each round.

Skip-Bo card game is best described as chess to checkers, with a slower pace and thoughtful game that balances out. However, both games are incredibly simple to learn and take plenty of strategy to win.

A card game like UNO with regular cards

With regular cards, you can play UNO with a couple of tips and techniques. 

Also, it is possible to play bridge as Uno with regular cards. This is a card game which is perfect for ages over 14 years. 

It is designed to play by 4 players. Each player gets 13 cards which face down. 

The primary goal is score-making bids or countering the opponent player’s bid. The team with the majority of the points is the winner of the game. 

Bidding begins when the cards are dealt, and each of the players makes a bid, redouble, double or pass call. Player who doesn’t want to bid or do the other actions can deal a whole new round.

More Card games from the makers of UNO

There are many alternative ways to enjoy UNO card games in variation including with regular cards like playing Crazy Eights. If you enjoy playing UNO with family and friends, find this list helpful to further the collection for your upcoming game nights. 

  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Mod™ Card Game
  • Royal Revenge™
  • Showdown Supercharged™
  • Attack®
  • Giant UNO™
  • Premium
  • Flip Splash™
  • Showdown™
  • Minimalista
  • Remix
  • Tin
  • Pixar
  • Thank You Heroes Tin
  • Saved by the Bell™
  • Spirit Untamed
  • The Office
  • Iconic
  • Left Hand
  • Nothin’ But Paper Family Card Game
  • BTS
  • Mario Kart™
  • Harry Potter Card Game
  • Flip™
  • Card Game
  • DOS™
  • Junior
  • Flip Express™

What is the best card game like Uno?

Other than Phase 10, Crazy Eights, or Skip-Bo, there are other card games like UNO. Monopoly Deal is one of the best card games like UNO, and there are several variations of the UNO deck. 

However, Monopoly Deal is a fast-paced fun game that is addictive, where luck changes the flow of play. Head towards an objective of collection rather than shedding cards. 

Play off on what opponent players do and struggle towards ending the game.

Collect property sets, 3 of them, by being aware of debt collectors, dreaded deal-breakers, and forced deals. This can alter your fortune at any given time if you are the first player who is collecting 3 full sets of property in various colors. 

To do this, play 3 cards from your hand after drawing cards. Face them up as bank money, improvements in the collection or properties or actions. Gameplay runs around 15 minutes and the game is ideal for 2 to 5 players.

What card games are like Uno

Games like Uno: Final Thoughts

UNO is one of the best classic card games of all times. If you are tired of playing UNO on party or game night, spice up with these card games that are like UNO. 

From deck of cards to rules and winning goals, there are similar card games that you may also enjoy. In fact, there are several card games like UNO.

To enjoy the game just like you do with Uno, draw different cards, wild cards, skip cards, reverses, draw 4 and draw 2s. Then match the color or number from the draw pile to stock. 

Shout UNO when you only have one card left in your hand, and win the game by discarding the final card and beating your opponent players.

The best card games that are identical to UNO is Crazy Eights, Skip-Bo, and Phase 10. Not all games are exactly the same because there are similarities and differences that you need to be aware before playing each game. 

These card games are easy to learn and quick to start playing. Also, they are all ages friendly so that you can play with children and adults to create bonding indoor and outdoor on any occasion. 

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