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Can you use Roman numerals in Scrabble?

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Roman numerals are symbols used in numerical notions derived from the ancient Roman system. Any symbol in Roman represents a numerical value in the number system. 

The numbering system originated from ancient Rome. It consists of seven basic symbols: II, V, X, L, C, D and M.

Can you use roman numerals in scrabble? Yes, the third edition Scrabble dictionary allows the use of Roman though not all of them. For instance, a roman symbol like IV is not in the scrabble dictionary. However, the third edition allows roman numerals like di, represented by 501 numerals, considered a prefix. 

The dictionary version also has six common abbreviations: CC representing 200, CD representing 400 symbols, CV, which is represented by 105 numerals, DC representing 600, MC which has 1100 numerals, and MD representing 1500. 

In addition, it has two trade roman numerals: CDI, which has 401 numerals, and CLIX, which has 159 numerals. Roman-like IX is not a real word in the scrabble dictionary, and therefore cannot be used during the play. Other roman numerals not included in scrabble are IC and GA, but VIX is accepted in the Scrabble dictionary.

It’s always good to know all the legally accepted words in the scrabble dictionary before playing the game. Answered below are frequently asked questions about using Roman Numerals in Scrabble, and rules for those that are accepted along with the many that are not.

Is Roman allowed in Scrabble?

Yes, Roman is a legit scrabble words. A player can find it in the Official player’s dictionary, Tournament and Club Word List, Collins Scrabble Words and Words with Friends. 

The scrabble dictionary appears to have a Roman as a noun with different definitions depending on the country in which the word is used. 

Some of these definitions include:

  • A metric description of medieval (in France).
  • A Roman catholic
  • A citizen or soldier in the ancient Roman Republic 
  • Roman numerals, which represent numerical numbers 
  • A form of the typeface in ancient Roman 
  • An inhabitant of modern Rome

Roman is a word worth 7 points in the scrabble game, with the letter R-1 point, O-1 points, M-3 points, A-1 points, and N-1 points. It can also be used as an adjective to support Romanism.

Can you do Roman numerals in Scrabble?

Yes, a player can use Roman numerals that are in the third edition Scrabble dictionary, but not all are present. The following are some Roman numerals that can be currently used in Scrabble.

  • DI = 501
  • CD = 400
  • CDI = 401
  • CV = 105
  • DC = 600
  • MC = 1100
  • CC = 200
  • XI = 11
  • VXI = 5011
  • CLIX = 159 

Roman numerals not found in scrabble dictionary include ix, iv. 

What are the rules for using Roman numerals?

  • When writing roman letters, I, X, and C, a player can repeat them thrice in a given succession, which means the letters above can be recurrent 3 times in a row.
  • The lower value digit is subtracted when written on the left side of the highest valued digit.
  • The lower value digit is added when written on the right side of the high valued digit.
  • The only numerals used for subtraction are: I, X, and C. 
  • The numerals V, L and D, cannot be repeated in numerals.
  • The numeral I is worth 1 point, the X is worth 10 points, and C is worth 100 points.
  • A player can only use an X numeral on the left side of a L or C.
  • A player can only use a numeral C on the left side of numerals D and M.
  • 999 number is not part of roman numerals
  • Roman symbols are not repeated thrice, and whenever a smaller symbol appears on the right with a greater value, a player should add its value to the greater symbol value.
  • IX is not a roman numeral in scrabble dictionary.
  • There is no roman numeral that represents the digit zero.
  • Roman numerals have no place value system. 
Can you use Roman numerals in Scrabble

Roman Numerals in Scrabble: Conclusion 

Yes, roman numerals are part of the scrabble game, but they must be applied only when listed in the Scrabble dictionary to be considered as a legal move. As a result, not all roman numerals are part of the scrabble word list, and that’s why it’s always good to find a roman numeral on a dictionary checker to confirm whether it’s acceptable to be played on the board.

The word Roman is found in the scrabble dictionary, which has various definitions depending on whether it’s considered a noun or an adjective. Its worth seven points whenever the word is played on the board, and worthwhile when landing on a premium points square.

A player cannot use roman numeral letters three times in a row according to numerical rules. The three basic numeral values that can be repeated are I, C, and X, but A player can never repeat the numerals V, L, and D even once.

Remembering a few score-able roman numerals may be handy to tally up those last few points and use the remaining letters from your rack. Though some roman numerals do count in Scrabble, many don’t.

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