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Do you have to land on your property to buy a house in Monopoly?

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Are you looking to buy a house in Monopoly? There is one general rule that before a player can purchase any house, the player must own all the properties in that particular color group, which is called a monopoly. 

On the other hand, landing on a property in order to buy a building sound quite difficult to do.

Do you have to land on your property to buy a house in Monopoly? No, you do not have to land on the property to buy a house in Monopoly. 

However, a player must possess all properties of that color group to start purchasing buildings. Provided that none of them have been mortgaged, then a player can purchase a house or hotel at anytime without having to land on the property. 

Once a player owns a monopoly, they can improve their properties by buying houses at any moment during their turn or even their opponent’s turn. They can buy the house from the bank, using the price indicated on each property card.

The goal in Monopoly aims to make your opponents run out of cash or go bankrupt. Therefore, players should buy properties they land on and make improvements through houses to increase the cost of rent. 

The basic principle of buying a house is that players must place the purchased houses evenly on their property. For instance, if the player decides to buy one house and build it on one property, a player must build the next houses on the other properties in the monopoly before adding a second house to the first property.

If you have been unclear about purchasing houses in Monopoly game, we are going to review the rules for how to buy a house. Answered below are frequently asked questions about whether you need to land on the property or need to go around prior to purchasing a building.

What happens if you land on your own property in Monopoly?

If the player lands on their own property in a Monopoly game, nothing will happen. When the player lands on their own space, they don’t receive any cash, properties, or even rewards of any type. 

In such a situation, the player’s turn is treated as free resting or safe space. 

Do you have to go around the board once before buying a property?

No, you don’t have to go around the board before buying a property. Instead, the player can begin purchasing property straight away. 

The objective of the “house rule” was to prolong the game and ensure that no single player will feel the game was too hard on them, especially when they have the last turn in the round. 

The official rules say that anytime a player lands on an unowned or a mortgaged property they can buy from the bank depending on the price listed by the bank on the property card. 

When the player buys off the property, they receive Title deeds which indicate their ownership rights and ability to collect rent fees.

Some people claim that a player cannot buy any property in a monopoly game without making a complete revolution. However, the official monopoly game rule state that a player can buy properties the moment the game starts, even when not necessarily their turn through auctioning or side deals. 

However, players often will play a monopoly game with their own “house rules,” Therefore, the players may decide to opt for one lap rule to prevent players’ with the last turn from getting frustrated.

Standard rules allow the exchange of properties to occur anytime as long as the player is possession of the properties. 

At that point of the game, the player can continue with the exchange provided all the opponent players are satisfied. A player can do an exchange or side deal even in the middle of the other player’s turn during the game.

Can you buy a house in Monopoly if you don’t land on the property?

Yes, you can buy a house in Monopoly if you don’t land on the property. However, a player can only buy buildings when they own all the properties in that particular group or monopoly.

A player gets ownership or possession rights of a property when they purchase the space from the Bank, and they can only do that when they land on it, in an auction or as part of a trade. 

Players can buy the house either during their turn or the opponent’s turn as part of an auction. 

The moment a player owns a monopoly of any color group, they can choose to improve the properties by building houses. Buildings exponentially increase rents, so the opponent players will have to pay higher rents when they land on the property. 

However, a player must follow the rule of buying houses. Houses must be built evenly on the properties, so you cannot put more than one house until all properties in the monopoly each have at least one house. 

For instance, if a player purchases three houses, they must build a house on each property in the monopoly. This means the player will need three properties to build those houses.

land on your property to buy a house in Monopoly

Landing on Property to Buy a House in Monopoly: Conclusion

In the Monopoly board game, one of the easiest ways to win is by building many houses to increase rents for when the opponents land on your properties. 

A player has to own all the properties to have a monopoly of a color group before the player is able to purchase houses from the Bank as per the price listed by the Bank on the property card. 

When building houses, a player must follow the rule of building equal number of houses on the properties. You cannot add a second house to a property until all of the houses in the monopoly have at least one house on them. 

In order to buy a house in Monopoly, you do not need to land on the property to build on. You can buy a house at any time during your turn or opponents turn, as long as you own all the properties in the monopoly color group. 

In regular game play according to official rules, there is no need to go around the board once before purchasing a property. Many people create their own house rules, but the general Monopoly rule states that any player can buy unowned land from the Bank anytime they land on the space. 

Follow these Monopoly rules and apply your strategies to increase properties and earnings while playing the board game.

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