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How to win Go Fish

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Winning chances in the game Go Fish depend on the nature of the hand, which the luck of the draw ultimately has control over. However, people who have good memorization skill have a better chance to win Go Fish because they remember what other players asked for gives you an edge over the competitors. 

It’s simple, for anyone in Go Fish to win, they have to recall which player has the card they want, and then stay patient throughout the gameplay.

How do you win Go Fish? A player wins in Go Fish if they have discarded more sets of 4 cards than their opponents when the game ends. The draw pile must be empty and run out of cards, then players tally the number of sets they have collected to determine the winner.

It’s important to remember the cards opponents have been asking for to know which player has the cards you need. Once you ask an opponent for the cards you need, assuming the player didn’t lie, then you can complete sets and get in a winning position.

If a player asks for a card, it implies they have the card in their hand. When it’s your turn, ask the player for the card you need for the set. 

In Go Fish, a point is earned when a player discards a complete set of 4 of the same rank. Once you achieve the set, there is no need to keep the cards in your hand.

Memorizing opponents’ hands give you a clear advantage and track record of which card they have gained or lost. Answered below are frequently asked questions about winning Go Fish and strategies to win the card game.

Who wins the Go Fish?

The winner of a given round in Go Fish is the player with the most complete sets of four cards. Each book, set of four of a kind, is worth a point, and the points tally is counted at the end of each round. 

Go Fish ends when the fish pond, or draw pile, runs out of cards. If a player uses all the cards in their hand, then they are allowed to draw a card from the pond as their next turn.

If the opponent says “go fish,” and there is no more cards on the draw pile to fish, the game ends right away. At that point, each player counts the books they have managed to discard, and the player with the most points wins.

How to strategize to win Go Fish?

A player should first remember the cards an opponent asks for to get information about their hand. If a player asks for a specific card, it means they hold one of that particular rank in their hand.

Keeping track of the opponents’ hands allows you to ask them for a specific card when it comes time to complete a set. Someone needs to know which cards their opponents are gaining and which ones they are losing to avoid asking a player for a card they have already discarded.

A player should never pass their turn even if they think no player will produce the rank they are looking for. The good thing in Go Fish, if the opponent fails to produce the card, a player will ask one to draw a card from the stockpile giving a chance to pick up the card needed.

Tips to win Go Fish

  • Read the opponent’s hand by memorizing the cards they ask for
  • Hide the cards from the opponent as much as possible by asking them for cards that one doesn’t possess until it’s clear that the opponent has the card you are looking for.
  • Count cards by keeping track of the opponent’s progress in their hand.
  • Keep asking for the same card constantly, which forces the opponents to draw from the stockpile. Remember, the more they draw, and their hand gets loaded with useful cards.
  • Clear your hand as soon as possible to increase the chances of laying down multiple books before the game ends.
  • Use a poker face, especially when more than four players play the card game.
How to win Go Fish

Winning Go Fish: Conclusion 

Sometimes Go Fish uses more luck than strategy. A good hand will always give a player an upper edge, but some may apply a winning strategy and still lose the game because of their hand. 

The nature of the starting hand matters a lot, but that doesn’t mean you need to only rely on the hand. Utilize the strategies mentioned to increase the chances of winning.

Losing and winning are the order of the day in Go Fish. So don’t get upset about losing a game because of a bad hand, there is always the next round which is independent of the outcomes from previous rounds

Go Fish is about enjoying the experience, and not to be overwhelmed by the fear of losing. Use these tips for winning and maybe you will come out on top next time you play Go Fish with friends and family.

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