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How To Store Board Games – Best Way

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Are you a board game collector and looking for easy ways to store board games? Getting a brand new board game is super exciting, but it can be intimidating to organize these boxes in a nice clean way. 

From customizable shaped boxes to board games without boxes, there are variety of boardgames that need more than a closed lid plastic box to store them properly.

How do you store board games? Depending on the type and shape of board game box, organize them with different tools and techniques. 

Board games without a box can be placed into clear plastic ziploc bags. For any small sized board games, store them in a divider baskets or document cases to avoid losing the pieces. 

Storing board games horizontally may take up extra space when faced with a limited storage area. It is best to stack board games vertically to see, pull quickly, and efficient store in small spaces. 

When you are looking for a family game night with board games, storing and maintaining properly from the day of purchase is key to a long lasting shelf life. Whether you play board game indoor or outdoor, it is important to store them properly to prevent a musty smell by keeping them in a dry and well ventilated environment. 

It is possible to store board games in different ways, in a box, out of the box, horizontally, vertically, as a display, or in any space-efficient organization. However, they need to be opened and cleaned often with exposure to air to keep dirt and mold away. 

In this article, we are going to review different methods to store boardgames in neat and tidy manner so that you are prepared for the next game night! Answered below are frequently asked questions about storing board games the right way along with organizational tips to keep the games fully intact.

How do you store board games without a box?

Storing board games without a box can be tricky and require thinking outside of the box. With time, the board game box can encounter wear and tear, get wet or crumpled and crushed. 

However, a game that is stored out of a box can save some more space as well.

Here are simple ways to store board game without a box :

  • Use clear plastic pouches with secure closures. Keep all the game pieces visible and in confinement without getting lost. It is easy to label or tag each with the name, this way the board game is space-efficient as well. Place the game pieces in a smaller pouch with the board game in a clear folder.
  • Frame or laminate the board to avoid any tearing, scratching, or developing holes. Organize the dice and game pieces in another clear bag and place the board with the pieces in a basket so that nothing gets lost.
  • Place the game pieces in a clear or cloth bag and the board and pieces in a big clear bin. Segregate the bins as per board sizes or categories.

The best way to store board games that do not have rigid box is to use clear medium sized Ziploc bags. It is see-through so the inside is visible and you will be able to organize the games in a tight space. 

Also, the airtight closure help to keep any smells or moisture away from the game pieces for an extended length of time.

How do you store small board games?

Small boardgames tend to get misplaced either in pieces or as a whole, making the entire board game useless and unable to continue playing. Storing them appropriately is very essential to maintaining efficient spaces and not to get pieces mixed up with other small games or getting lost.

Some ways to store small board games include:

  • Take a Kallax organizer and put the small board games into separate packs and store them in the bookcase style shelving.
  • Store the games in divider baskets or cubbies with game pieces in single packets and boards on one side stacked or organized one behind the other.
  • Use document cases that store small box board games.
  • CD Storage Units can be repurposed to store small box games.
  • Transfer into file organizers with zippers to store boards with zipper bags carrying game pieces stored in smaller pouches or cloth bags marked accordingly.

It is best to store and organize small board games together in a corner. Because they are equivalent in sizes, it is easier to puzzle them on the smaller shelf. 

Additionally, small boxes fit perfectly in a drawer that you can spare a space for appropriately sized games. 

How to store board games vertically?

Placing board games vertically on shelves helps to create more space, just like books. Furthermore, it is easier to remove a game without having to pull out other games in the process. 

That is why many people prefer storing boardgames vertically rather than horizontally as they are easy to see, pull, and space-efficient. 

Vertical storing will let you slide the game easily without dropping the others beside them as in horizontal arrangement. When using vertical storing methods, cheap rubber bands or headbands secure the boxes closed to avoid spilling or losing pieces.

Here are tips to store board games vertically:

  • Store them vertically in a bookshelf as per categories, sizes and age group.
  • Place them vertically stacked one behind the other in a basket for space efficiency.
  • Transfer the game pieces to clear plastic bags or cloth bags within the box for them to not get displaced every time you store or play.
  • Segregate the boxes as per sizes preferably, so that they do not misalign, or place them into clear boxes or plastic tubs based on their vertical sizes.
  • Hang in racks stacking them vertically one beside the other.
  • Organize in door organizers for stacking up vertically.
  • For small sized games, store them in a spinning media tower.

Vertical is the best if you actually take out your game to play compare to horizontal. But horizontal works if you’re just collection games and don’t play as frequently. 

Best board game organizer

The best board game organizer is actually a customized one as per your requirements, space, and interests. It could be anything that boosts your creativity according to size, space, time, and cost-efficiency.

Get an exclusive rolling game table customized to fit your space with drawers and racks that can vertically stack up against your board games as per the categories and separate per sizes. 

Depending on the type of board game, Smonex offers beautifully carved custom made wooden box for Gloomhave, Scythe, and Terraforming Mars.

Also, place in-game pieces in the drawers which can be separated with dividers and box partitions to hold them in place. Get a dice slot set as well to put your game cleaning supplies as well in a set place in the customized table. 

Clean them often and have this secure designation to only store games. Even if you have to relocate the storage area, it is equipped with rollers and is easily movable.

How to store board games

Board Game Storage: Final Thoughts

Completely organizing your board games collection makes you feel satisfied and gets you to look forward to the next game night. However, there are games that are without boxes, small sizes, or even customized boxes that are difficult to store them properly for long term without destroying.

If you are dealing with boardgames without a box, use a clear plastic Ziploc bags that has durable closure to keep dust and moisture away. You can store small pieces together with a label. 

Additionally, laminating game boards is a smart idea to avoid ripped, scratched, or holes from improper storage. 

For any small sized board game, place in a shelf style bookcase organizer to keep small ones together. Use document cases or CD storage units to identify the games when it comes to playtime.

There is debate whether to store board games vertically or horizontally. If you are frequent game player, go with vertical and if you are collector, store game boards horizontally. 

Ensure you are cleaning them often and exposing them to airflow to prevent the development of mold growth or musty odors. 

Getting new board games and playing with your favorite people are super fun and exciting. But dealing with clean up and storage until the next game night is not as fun. 

Use these tips and technique to store board games properly to lengthen the lifespan of all your classic games. 

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