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Best Dice Games For Kids in 2022

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Are you looking for fun and educational dice games for kids to play? Dice games are a fun way to have fun together with family and friends. 

However, not all family friendly dice games are appropriate for young children to play. Let’s break down aspects that make a dice game perfect for kids.

What are the best dice games for kids? Dice games are a great tool to introduce turn taking and help teach children the concepts of chance, probability, and strategy. Dice games encourage them to become a good gamer to deal with losing or winning while maintaining positive sportsmanship. 

The best dice games to play for kids are:

  • Yamslam
  • Toss Up! Dice Game
  • Flash! 
  • Even Steven’s Odd!
  • Doodle Dice
  • Pizza Party Dice Game
  • Math Dice
  • Harry Potter Strike Game
  • Dice Hospital
  • Perudo

These dice games teach numbers and counting to little kids, as well as mentally adding numbers for the older children. Furthermore, the use of dice in early childhood education increases math skills and number recognition including counting, matching, and comparing.

The advantages of playing dice games include math calculations, wonders of probability, improved visual perception, manual dexterity, motor skills, social skills, quantity and number recognition skills, patience, and hand-eye coordination. 

In this article, we are going to review the top 10 best recommended dice games for kids. Detailed below are instructions for how to play to affect enjoyment and educational purposes.

How do you play dice for kids?

Dice games can be played with kids in several ways, however the most common is play them in combinations to score points by teaching basic math addition. The dice that have scored points and then re-roll to try to get a higher score.

Some of the ways to play dice for kids:

  • Take one or more dice and score by adding or subtracting the number, counting the numbers, and improve math skills.
  • Match the dice colors with color cards.
  • Learning to count and early learning is another way to play.
  • Play cricket, cards, and other games with dice.
  • Roll the dice and select the card, then do the activities given in the card.

Dice games are a great starter and simple game compared to board games that are lot more complex. With a pencil and paper to keep score, a shaker for the dice, and a flat surface, you can easily play knock out, beat that, catch up, going to Boston, run for it, stuck in the mud, there or more, round the clock, and pig dice game. 

The options are really endless when it comes to playing games with dice. 

What are fun dice games for kids to play?

There are easy dice games that only require couple of dice and something to write on to record the score. However, it may not look intriguing and interesting enough to get the attention of children. 

Here are colorful, active, and fun dice games that children of all ages love to play. Keep the game fast paced with lots of action to hold their focus and attention through gameplay.

Let’s go through the best dice game for kids:

Dice game for kids

Children Dice Games: Conclusion

Dice games are versatile, educational, and fun. They enhance counting, mental addition, and teach numbers. 

In addition, improves planning, social skills, and strategic thinking. That is reason why dice games are perfect for kids at all ages.

The benefit of children playing dice game is to introduce taking turns and also encourage building sportsmanship when it comes to losing or winning. These dice games for kids have colorful designs that improve visual perception and recognition skills. 

There are various ways to play dice with children. From a couple of dice with recorded scores to matching colors or lines in a doodle, generally dice games are much simpler and easy to learn compared to board games. All you need is minimal strategy and luck to enjoy the dice rolling gameplay. 

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