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Best Card games for 8 year olds in 2022

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In this age bracket, kids seem to be interested in iPad and PJ Mask games, making card games look like a total snooze fest. However, card games provide endless fun across all ages, including the 8 year old age bracket.

Therefore, if someone gets stuck indoors, especially during the rainy season, and wondering which card games to give their 8 year old kids, these pastimes can be excellent to keep them entertained. 

So, what are the best card games for an 8-year-old to play? Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, 99, Clue Card game, Kids Against Maturity, Uno, and Hasty Baker are card games that 8 year olds find to be fun, entertaining, and engaging at the same time. 

Card games are good because they improve cognitive skills such as communication, mathematics solving-problems, socialization, strategizing and many more. 

The majority of these card games use a deck of cards, and more so, they require simple basic concepts for a player to start playing. These games are enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Generally, when deciding upon card games for the 8year old age bracket, the game must foster healthy competition among the kids, socialization between the kids with another player, equally enjoyable between them and their family for easy bonding, and most importantly, education.

What card game can an 8-year-old play?

The following are some card games that provide endless fun for eight-year olds to play:

  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: The game is played by at least two, taking turns to move around a circle loop wherein each player takes a turn. A player has to turn a card down and say the phrase taco! Cat! Goat! Cheese! Pizza! Once the player says the phrase matches the card picture, all the other players have to slap the deck.
  • 99: Played by at least three players, but no more than four, the game starts with each player being dealt with three tokens and cards. In a player’s turn, the player has to put a card at the center of the table to become part of the pot, which shouldn’t exceed 99 points. Any card that is placed adds the value of its face to the point.
  • Clue Card Game: The game is played by 3 to 4 players. The difficulty of this game depends on the opponent players and depends entirely on how good they are.
  • Kids Against Maturity: Played by a small group, the player with a blue card gets to ask a question, and the other players answer it using a white card. The player who gives the funniest answer wins the round.
  • UnoUno game is played by discarding the cards in a hand to empty the first. Use a combination of Wild, Draw 2, Skip and Revers cards to cause other player to keep cards in their hand so you finish first.
  • Hasty Baker: The Hasty game aims for a player to be the first to fill in pantries with the required ingredient to make a complete recipe.

Best card games for 8-year-olds

The following are the best cards games to encourage 8 year olds to develop cognitive skills such as communication, mathematics, creative thinking, and more.

Tips for playing card with 8-year-old 

Sleeping Queens game tips

  • Players should try to avoid dragons and potions, preventing the player from reaching the Queen.
  • Wake as many Queens as possible to win the game.

Kids Against Maturity tips

  • The funniest phrases win the game, so let your comedy shine.

Codenames tip

  • Try to use deductive skills to identify the spy word. 

Uno Card game tips

  • A player must mention the word Uno whenever they have only one card in their hand.
  • Use action cards such as skip and reverse cards to change the game’s outcome to your advantage.

Clue Card Game tips

  • Play with a good detective player for a challenging game.
  • A player should use case and evidence cards to investigate instead of locking up suspects in the room.
Best card games for 8 year olds

8 Year Old Card Games: Conclusion 

When dealing with an eight-year-old, adults must be very creative when selecting card games to keep them entertained. A card game is often considered a total snooze fest, especially with all the electronic entertainment available. 

Therefore, the card game selected must be fun, challenging, and educational for the 8 year old kids to get attracted. 

Card games are the best offline option for a kid of this age to get engaged in. A card game should be fun to play, but it also needs to challenge the kid to encourage development of cogitative skills necessary for growth

Such skills include solving mathematical concepts, communication skills, creativity, strategy skills, and many more. The game selected also need simple basic concepts required to get started and keep focused engagement.

A card game selected for a kid of this particular age must foster socialization skills, healthy competitiveness, and more so, the game must be enjoyable for all the family members to provide bonding time. So grab these games and start playing with your 8 year old to create a lasting impression on their developing minds.

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