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4-person Flip Cup shot game

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Flip Cup is a drinking game is also known by the names Tip Cup Canoe or Tippy Cup. It’s a team-based drinking game, played with at least 4 players, where players take turns drinking beer from a plastic cup, and then flipping the cup such that it lands face-down on the playing table.

There are a lot of game variations that arise depending on the number of players playing the game.

How do you play flip cup with 4 players? The players are divided into two groups of two players each and players from each team stand opposite each other. All the four players stand around the table, which has a 5 by 5 grid on it and a shot glass at the center. 

The shot glass is normally pushed one step forward whenever a team player makes a successful flip where the cup goes face-down on the table. The game aims to make sure the shot glass reaches the opponent’s side, and once it reaches that area, the opponent player has to drink its content.

4 player Flip Cup is a racing game, and the chances of cheating can be very high. Answered below are frequently asked questions about 4-person Flip Cup and everything you need to know about playing the drinking game.

What is Flip Cup?

It’s a team-based drinking game in which players take turns to drain beer from a plastic cup and flip the cup so that it lands face-down on the table. 

If accidentally the cup falls off the table, any player can return the cup to the table. It’s played with at least four players and requires 2 to 3 minutes to complete, but the game ultimately has no time limit. 

It is the most addictive drinking game in the US, according to a survey done in 2017 by American Addiction Centers. 

The game is made of two teams with an equal number of players who stand opposite each other. A disposable cup is normally placed in front of each player filled with a certain amount of beer.

First, players start with a toast before the game starts, and one member from each team has to drink all the beer from the disposable cup in front of them to start the game. Once they are done, the cup is placed at the edge of the table with the opened side up, and the player (who drank from it) tries to flip up until the cup lands face-down on the table. 

Once the cup is successfully flip-up face-down, the next player can take their turn and repeat the same procedure. The player is not allowed to use two hands or try to blow it over to try and help it flip over. 

Subsequent players cannot manipulate their cups until their counterparts successfully flip over their cups. The team that finishes their drinks and flips all their cups first wins the game. 

There are different variants of the flip cup game including Batavia Down, Survivor Tippy cup, and 21 Cup. However, the versions do not deviate that much from the original gameplay. 

Several tournaments for the flip cup game have been held in the United States. The most important skills need in a flip cup game are cup-flipping and beer chugging.

How many people do you need for Flip Cup?

Official rules say that the ideal number should be at least four players to play Flip Cup, forming two teams of two players each. However, the game can be played with two people despite being a group game, provided the game set-up uses the right props. 

The requirements include alcohol, a table, and disposable cups. 

Again, the flip cup game is a team-based game divided into two groups with an equal number of players from each side, and therefore the game cannot have an odd number of players since that would imply there will be an imbalance on both teams. There is no limit to the number of players provided each player has a partner.

Each time player fails to flip the cup over, and the cup is returned to its original position for a re-flip. Note that the more people the Flip Cup game has, the longer it takes to complete the cycle.

How do you play Flip Cup with 4 players?


  • Four players
  • 5 x 5 grid with starting spot in the center
  • Shot glass 
  • Alcohol 


  • The four players are divided into two groups of two players each side.
  • The glass shot is placed at the center.
  • Players take turns flipping their cups. When a player makes a successful flip, they move the glass shot one step towards the opponent’s yard.
  • The first team that manages to reach the glass shot on the last grid on their opponent area wins the game.

Flip Cup 4-player rules

  • The game requires four players to form two teams with two players for each side.
  • Players from each team stand opposite each other.
  • A shot glass is placed at the center of the table, and players move it forward one step after a successful flip.
  • Player’s take turns pacing for successful flips to move the shot glass one step on towards their opponent’s side.
  • The table used to play a 4-player flip cup game has a 5 by 5 grid on it with a spot at the center where the shot glass is started.
  • A round is over once one team successfully pushes the glass shot to the end on the opposite side.
  • Once the shot glass reaches the last grid of a team, they will have to drink the shot, and the other team wins.
Can you play flip cup with 4 players

4-Player Flip Cup: Conclusion 

Whichever the flip cup game version is played, the pace is essential. The faster the team is able to flip the cup in a face-down position, the faster the team wins the game.

Both teams should have the same number of players, and if the total number of players is odd then the 4-player version of Flip Cup is not recommended.

In the process of racing to flip the cups in a 4-player flip cup game, the level of concentration a player has on what the opponent team is doing is low because players are mainly concentrating on flipping and moving the glass shot. For this reason, cheating is very common in this fast-paced game version.

Flip Cup is very addictive, and self-control is fundamental while playing the game because it involves drinking alcoholic beverages. Overconsumption of alcohol is a serious concern and may be harmful, so remain cautious and do not exceed your personal limitations, even if you are having loads of fun.

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